How to Spot an Abusive Nursing Home

Nursing homes are meant to be the reprieve of our elderly loved ones. After all, this is time and age where the children of many of the elderly generation are busy professionals and elderly folk need constant care and companionship in their old age.

It can be a difficult decision to decide that it might be the best option to admit an elderly loved one into a nursing home but sometimes, it is ultimately the most recommendable action to make. If your elderly relative, for example, is one who needs to be constantly monitored due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it is necessary for them to be in a place that is safe, secure, and equipped with the necessary staff and medications in order to ensure their comfort and safety. However, there are instances wherein a nursing home doesn’t abide by the required standard of care.

This is not only potentially dangerous but also abusive as negligence of this caliber is simply unacceptable.

Some abuse victims are psychologically traumatized to the point where they believe their experience of abuse is something that they deserve. There are certain cases where abuse survivors fear retribution too much to speak out against their abusers. This is where noticing the signs of abuse can come in and you can help people who are not capable of helping themselves.

If your elderly relative used to be outgoing and sociable but then turned recluse and exceedingly anxious after their stay at a nursing home, there could be abuse present. If there is insufficient trained staff on hand to give individual care to each and every patient, that can constitute as nursing home abuse. If there is a room within the premises that is inaccessible to the public without due reason, there might be cause for suspicion. Every elderly patient in a nursing home is entitled to individual care that is attuned to their daily needs and if this standard of care is not met, it can warrant legal action under the grounds of nursing home abuse, which is a subset of personal injury.


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